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When you think of Southern style, your mind probably automatically goes to pastel-printed dresses, riding boots and everything. Southern style tends to err on the traditional side—consider it preppy, classic or country-chic. Whatever you call it, one thing’s for sure: Southern girls know how to look fresh and prepped all the time, and style-lovers from all over the world can take a few cues from this niche. If you move to the South or simply want to imitate classy, Southern dressing, these are the essentials you need to get started the Southern way!

1. Cashmere for Days
A well-respected Southern girl has something cashmere…maybe even some pink cashmere! If you’re looking to up your Southern style, get yourself a nice cashmere poncho. Cashmere keeps you warm during chilly days and can transform your outfit. Bonus points for the fact that it goes well with almost anything and is a super-soft and cozy way to dress up just about any look. Plus, this luxury garment is one that will hold up when properly cared for, so it’s well worth the investment.

2. A Cozy Plaid Shirt
Bonfires, football, pumpkin spice and plaid! Fall is the perfect time to wear this classic print. Plus, it is totally acceptable to wear plaid in the South year-round, so you can use it as a layering essential when temperatures warm up. Match it with your favorite pair of jeans or a skirt or rock it with your duck boots for a chill style. If you like to wear dresses and prefer a dressy-meets-sporty style, you can wrap a plaid shirt around your waist with a pair of sneakers. It’s the perfect outfit for a football game or to just hang out with your gals at the mall!

3. A Go-with-Anything Cardigan
For those days you feel like upgrading a boring outfit, add a cardigan… and voila! You’ve got a style that’s chic, classy and a tiny bit academic. It is a perfect garment to wear in the office, to class, to the movies—wherever. If you are wearing a sundress, a cardigan is the best way to add a sophisticated and minimalist look to your outfit.

4. A Take-Anywhere Tote
For a Southern girl’s daily necessities and extras, a tote bag is the perfect option. They are great as an everyday handbag, grocery bag, gym bag or anytime bag to fit everything you need to carry from point A to point B all day long. tote bags are a double whammy for the Southern style-lover, as they combine the classic look of a practical tote with timeless monogram style. Toss it all in with a made-for-you tote!

5. Cute, Loafers
Y’all know what we’re talking about! Perfect for pairing with some skinny jeans, a skirt or a pair of prepped-out capris, loafers bring a sophisticated and chic look to your ensemble. All your girlfriends will be looking down to your feet for shoe inspo, especially if you’re rocking a pair of cool loafers! These sweet shoes look utterly ideal when paired with some ankle jeans or pressed work pants. It’s all about the preppy style when it comes to loafers!

6. An All-Season Scarf
Scarves have many purposes beyond keeping you warm when temps drop, and you can style them in many different ways, making them totally perfect for the crafty Southern dresser. From blanket scarves to infinities and classic knots, the scarf is one accessory every Southern girl has in her closet. You can tie it to your bag, create chic neckties or use it to transform a basic outfit into an elegant look in the fall, spring and summer!

7. Versatile, Dark Denim
In the South, jeans have a time and place—don’t wear them to a wedding or to play golf, for example—but you can still work them into outfits for plenty of everyday occasions. A good pair of dark denim matches well with bright shirts and it doesn’t look as casual as light-colored or acid-washed jeans. We recommend the straight denim or skinny jeans with loafers. A Southern girl owns many pairs!

8. A Couple of Pairs of Boots
Every Southern girl knows that boots are a lifesaver. Whether it’s a pair of cute, comfortable rain boots for rainy days on campus or some leather riding boots to style with your plaid button-ups and vests, boots save the day when the weather’s not sandal-worthy. But Southern girls know that there are boots for style and then there are boots for play, and you need a good pair of waterproof and durable boots for those times you feel like getting dirty outside!

Tying It All Together
What makes Southern girls so special? We’re ready for anything! Even though preppy style is a signature in this region, there’s another side to every Southern girl, and you’ll find no shortage of outdoor gear in a Southern lady’s closet! At the end of the day, capturing this style is all about fusing sophisticated, prepped-out pieces with laid-back staples that you can sport outside when you’re hunting, fishing or sitting around a bonfire. Add in your own personal finishing touches and you’ve got a look that’s perfect for any occasion in the South.

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